Dataset: Language Proficiency, 1996


The purpose of this survey is to obtain information for statistical and scientific assessment of language proficiency in relation to questions of living conditions, attitudes, behaviour, and historical information. # The data material is obtained by means of questionnaires completed by the selected persons. # The following information is included from the questionnaires: #- Sex. #- Age. #- Household composition. #- School education. #- Vocational training. #- Working conditions in present/last job. #- Contact with parents during childhood. #- Age when leaving home. #- Housing conditions. #- Household duties. #- Social contacts. #- Spare time interests and activities. #- Health and well-being. #- Income and consumption. #- Attitudes to social placing, sex equality, etc. #- Political participation (not which parties). #- Political attitudes (not which parties)

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Language Proficiency, 1996

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Sprogforståelse som fejlkilde i surveys, 1996: Danskernes levevilkår og holdninger, I

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Language Proficiency, 1996, Danish Data Archive, DDA2423, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-2423

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survey data


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