Dataset: Social Reform Survey: Social Service Advisers


This survey forms part of a major project dealing with the social reform which was carried out in the 1970's. #The purpose of the project is to describe and analyse how the Social Acts and the social system function after the social reform. # #The surveys examine how the reform was implemented in relation to the main purpose of the reform, i.e. prophylaxis, rehabilitation, security and well-being. Furthermore, the surveys examine how the basic principles of the social reform, including the principles of need, totality and unity, were implemented. # #The social reform project consists of three main surveys: 1) The social security system (Det sociale tryghedssystem); 2) The function of the board of appeal system (Ankesystemets funktion); and 3) Social problems (Socialbegivenheder i befolkningen). In addition, part 1) and 2) consist of four part-surveys: 1) The complainant survey; 2) The client survey; 3) The administration survey; and 4) The county social centre survey. # #This survey is a part-survey of the county social centre survey. The survey comprises a sample of advisers offering assistance to the social workers in the primary municipalities. In addition, he management of the social service administrative departments take part, not as respondents, but by completing a questionnaire concerning the structure and fixing of salaries and allowances of the department. # #In addition, the survey includes information from the survey on administration, in which chairmen of social committees, managers, and social workers in the municipal social service administrative departments have answered questions about the effectuation of overrulings from the county boards of appeal and from the National Board of Appeal (Ankestyrelsen) as well as about their assessment of the extent of overrulings and the effect of these on the case proceedings in the municipalities. # #Finally, information is included from the client survey concerning which cases become appeal cases as well as the extent of the clients' dissatisfaction with the assistance or treatment received from the social service administrative departments

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Social Reform Survey: Social Service Advisers

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Socialreformen: Konsulenter i amtssocialcentrene, 1982

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Social Reform Survey: Social Service Advisers, Danish Data Archive, DDA621, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-621

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Når skemaerne var returneret, ville der, i tvivlstilfælde, blive anvendt telefonkontakt, men derudover var socialcentrets opgaver i forbindelse med undersøgelsen afsluttet.

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/ After the questionnaires had been returned, it was possible, in cases of doubt, to contact the social workers/advisers on the telephone. Apart from this, the social service administrative departments had no more to do with the survey.

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survey data


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