Dataset: University Students and Participating Democracy, 1988


In 1988 the University of Aarhus held the 15th election for the governing bodies according to the Statute passed in 1973. Following a lot of controversy immediately after the passing of the Statute, for instance about the principles of representation and the principle of parity, the Statute is now accepted, and the election is every year held in a friendly atmosphere. # Therefore the most interesting point is probably how low (or high) the turnout will be. The fact is that for a number of years it has been very low. # The low turnout may be interpreted as an expression of lack of interest, apathy, satisfaction with the system, etc., or it may be used as an argument for changing the Statute or for taking various steps to solve the problems. # In connection with a discussion in the Senate about whether there should be one or more election days it was suggested that a survey should be carried out with the purpose of examining the causal factors behind the low turnout. In this way a better basis for a discussion of the problem would be obtained. # The reason why the low poll is interesting is, of course, that it is a manifestation of the fact that the participating democracy at the university does not function, and secondly, that it gives evidence of the interest in the university as such. Bearing in mind that the average university student spends 7-8 years at the university it gives food for thought that the participating democracy apparently functions so badly. # In this connection it is interesting to examine which factors determine the low turnout. Some of these factors may be length of study, social conditions, the structure of the subjects of study, the functioning of the democracy, etc. In addition, this will be examined in relation to the students' general interest in the university

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University Students and Participating Democracy, 1988

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De studerende og universitetsdemokratiet, 1988

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University Students and Participating Democracy, 1988, Danish Data Archive, DDA1572, version: 1.0.0, 10.5279/DK-SA-DDA-1572

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Spørgeskemaet indeholder enkelte åbne spørgsmål.

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The questionnaire contains a number of open questions.

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survey data


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